Taurus July 2020 Competition

Skietbaan Shootie Shoot July 2020 Taurus Giveaway

  • R100 entry feeĀ 
  • Can re-enter but requires entry fee
  • Score should be double checked by shooter and signed by RO
  • If there is a disagreement a moderator will be asked
  • Shot must clearly break the line in order to score
  • Moderators decision is final
  • 10 rounds only! You are welcome to use the range afterwards once score is handed in
  • Center fire handguns only
  • Free standing no support


  • Max score 100
  • If 2 shots are on the same target only the highest will be counted the other will be counted as a 1 point
  • Each shot on paper but not on target counts 1 point
  • Each shot in center of a target counts 10 points
  • Each shot on those targets with 2 circles that fall inside the second circle but outside the 1 counts 5 points

First Prize 

Taurus G2C

If the competition ends in a draw we will announce a shoot out

Other prizes

Bed Holster , Wine Glasses , Brandy Glasses , T-Shirts, Opinel Knife , Fire Lighter, Bragging rights

Random Prizes

Share a picture of your target on either instagram or facebook and tag either Skietbaan.co.za or Outdoors Man Sa you can also use #skietbaan #outdoorsmansa

to stand a chance to win some of our cool random prizes

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