Revolvers! Why are they so alluring

Why Revolvers captivate us

Revolvers , weird awkward looking things that once you shot one you are hooked for life.Ruger Super Redhawk

Many times people have asked me why I collect revolvers and I must be honest I have never given it much thought, but lately I have found myself shooting my revolvers more then my semi-auto pistols , and I found my self wondering to myself why I like them so much.

I think it is less obvious , then one would think , yes they reminisce of cowboys and dirty harry , but there are more to them then iconic imagery.

The mechanics of revolvers appeal, they have the feel of a time go buy , more steampunk less digital. Most revolvers are also extremely comfortable there simplistic operations and more often then not very easy single action modes make them feel accurate and all round  solid platforms.

Revolvers more often then not also come in interesting calibers . Personally I have 22’s,38 specials , 38 S&W’s , some 455 and 44 Magnums , all of these are so insanely different from on another. One you can spend days playing with loads and just generally get to know the revolver, from the very light 38 S&W to the ridiculously powerful 44 Magnum . Apart from the cool range of calibers the actual size of the revolvers differ so much. From small snubies fitting in the palm of your hand to 10 inch black hawk capable of taking any animal you could ever hunt the diversity of each creates there own allure.

Ruger Red Hawk and Ruger Super Black Hawk

So to conclude my random thoughts , I believe why I personal love revolvers are a combination of there heritage there look , there scarcity and there power. Most of my co wheel-gunners would also add that if you ask this question you have not fired one of these beuties.

Francois Scheffer