Gun Competence Training

We offer competency training for rifle, pistol shotgun and carbine , also all aspects of the law module , velkyrie firearms and training  run all our training programs.

You can register and pay online to do your proficiency , please have a look here for our online store

Skietbaan has chosen to align with Velkyrie for there professionalism and great track record in the industry, they have been in the training industry and build up a strong and reliable brand .

We also offer intro to gun use as well as more advance training programs this is helping us opening the sport of shooting to a wider audience.

We have committed to try and keep our prices as low as possible starting as low as R400 for law.

We also offer discounts for combination of competencies.

Law, Pistol Rifle and Shotgun for R2200 , this includes your training material ammunition and gun use as well as range fees.

Please phone us today to book your spot , we are open after hours and on weekends. Drop us a call  on 0767540588 or 0663367310 you can also drop us a mail