Skietbaan began as an idea that stemmed from the plight of most modern men and women – why can’t I ever find the time for my hobbies, or at least why can’t we do it without too much guilt over the weekend when the unpainted gutters are staring you in the face?

Why build your own shooting range?

We dreamed of a place where we could go after work to relax and unwind (with less sweaty gym people), but still presents a form of self-improvement and enjoyment. Shooting presented us with the ideal activity to relieve stress yet improve at a demanding activity in a measurable way. The opportunities to do so however were very limited during the week. We didn’t want to wait for the zombie apocalypse to practice some weekday shooting, so we simply decided to start our own indoor range (excessive as it might seem)

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So whether you want to discuss the history of the Mauser with Jeurgens, or the seating depth of your .338 Lapua round with Evandre, or feel brave enough to have a pistol duel with Danie, or simple help George with his grip at Skietbaan we cater to all needs surrounding guns and ammunition.

Why you want to visit us

We here at skietbaan would love to help you enjoy shooting , whether you are an experienced shooter or someone who is simply curious, come in and introduce yourself. We are always looking to make new friends!